After their friend Beth’s shocking suicide, five estranged college acquaintances with a tumultuous past reunite in the small town of Cedar Grove to attend her funeral. Invited to stay at Gref House - Beth’s ominous family home where she took her own life - Grant, Vickie, Simon, Helen and Paige’s curiosity is peaked when they learn that the ancestral residence was left to them in Beth’s will, even though a past betrayal led to the ultimate demise of their friendship. With mixed emotions about owning the home where their friend died, the group are at odds about what to do with their newfound inheritance. As they explore the grounds to determine their best course of action, they discover that Gref House holds a slew of mysterious artifacts, ghostly sightings, and signs of dark magic. What starts out as an innocent game of Marry F*** Kill spawns into an evil demonic curse…and as blood begins to spill, it becomes distinctly clear that they are all pawns in a very sick game.

Technical File

Content: Movie.
Production Year: 2023.
Runtime: 1 x 88'.
Rating: TV-14.
Genre: Thriller, Drama.
Director: Caroline Labrèche.
Cast: Jedidiah Goodacre, Maxine Denis, Robbie G.K.
Produced by: CosMedia, Inc; Incendo.
Distribution: Estudios RCN.