Dr. Joanne Connors is a successful obstetrician whose life is turned upside down when her partner at their fertility clinic, Dr. Gabe Haynes, is brutally murdered. Trying to rebuild her life, Joanne attends a lavish charity function, where she meets Michael. But by the end of the evening, Michael is murdered and it quickly becomes apparent that the assassin's intended victim was actually Joanne. She must now race to find out who wants her dead before the killer can strike at her again.

Technical File

Content: Movie.
Production Year: 2012.
Runtime: 1 x 87'.
Rating: TV-14.
Genre: Thriller, Drama.
Director: Nicolas Monette.
Cast: Alana De La Garza, Sandrine Holt, Tim Cambell, Dan Jeannotte, John Reardon, Vincent Leclerc.
Produced by: CosMedia, Inc; Incendo.
Distribution: Estudios RCN.