A real shamanic journey into the Pantanal fires. Filmmaker Lawrence Wahba filmed the start of what became one of the worst forest fires in the history of this natural heritage of humanity located in the southern Amazon. Later, guided by a spiritual call, Wahba spent 10 weeks with firefighters, vets, volunteers and researchers, recording their fight for life and the recovery of the biome. After the arrival of the rains, the filmmaker investigates the causes of the forest fires in Bolsonaro's Brazil and how the tragedy could have been prevented.

Technical File

Genre: Documental
Country: Brazil.
Director: Lawrence Wahba
Executive Producer: Jefferson Piece
Writers: Lawrence Wahba, Tatiana Lohmann, Marco del Fiol
Duration: 1 x 74'
Produced by: Whaba Filmes 
Distribution: RCN Estudios