Christy and Mitch have been trying to have a baby for years. With the stress of in-vitro, many miscarriages and the financial strain, Mitch finds warmth and support in another woman. As Mitch and Christy recover from the affair they have all but lost hope of conceiving a child on their own. They decide to turn to surrogacy as a last resort in hopes of creating the perfect family. Enter Mallory, the seemingly perfect candidate, fresh faced and eager to help the couple. Confident with their choice they welcome Mallory into their lives in an attempt to share the entire experience with her. However, their confidence is quickly shaken when they discover that Mallory might not be as perfect as they first thought... Mallory insinuates herself in Christy and Mitch’s life while carrying their child. Mitch and Christy are determined to keep Mallory calm until after the birth of their child no matter what. However, she quickly becomes delusional and will stop at nothing to claim Mitch and the baby for herself.

Technical File

Content: Movie.
Production Year: 2013.
Runtime: 1 x 91'.
Rating: TV-14.
Genre: Thriller, Drama.
Director:Adrian Wills.
Cast: Mia Kirshner, Rachel Blanchard, David Julian Hirsh.
Produced by: CosMedia, Inc; Incendo.
Distribution: Estudios RCN.