When mysterious and frightening things begin happening to Alexandra Wyatt, she assumes that it is the work of her abusive ex-husband who has been recently released from prison. Fearing for her safety and that of her five-year old son, she approaches the police for help. Meanwhile, her successful work in the publishing business has brought her Michael, a handsome young colleague. By the time the police discover that her ex-husband has an ironclad alibi for the attacks on her, she discovers that Michael has a romantic interest in her, one of which is obsessive. Driven mad by her failure to share his passion, she survives his attempt at murder-suicide, however her relief is short-lived when he returns from the grave to take her back. 

Technical File

Content: Movie.
Production Year: 2008.
Runtime: 1 x 89'.
Rating: TV-14.
Genre: Thriller, Drama.
Director: Richard Roy .
Cast: Shannon Elizabeth, Alison Louder, Andrew Kenneth Martin, Christian Campbell, Victoria Sanchez
Produced by: CosMedia, Inc; Incendo.
Distribution: Estudios RCN.