A brutal rape forces Virginia housewife, Debbie Smith, to question everything about her sheltered life: her illusions, her own fragile self-worth, and most important, her 20 year storybook marriage to a local cop. In the long aftermath of her ordeal, Debbie fights through constant fear, and even suicide to redefine her life. In the end, she emerges as a powerful advocate for victims of sexual assault.

Technical File

Content: Movie.
Production Year: 2003.
Runtime: 1 x 83'.
Rating: TV-14.
Genre: Thriller, Drama.
Director: Stefan Pleszczynski.
Cast: Lea Thompson, Anthony Lemke, Cindy Busby, Tommy Lioutas, Devon Bostick
Produced by: CosMedia, Inc; Incendo.
Distribution: Estudios RCN.