Leandro Díaz comes into this world with everything against him. He is born blind and his father Onofre considers that this visual deficiency is a divine punishment, for which he despises him and tells his family to do the same. Thanks to his aunt Erotida, Leandro is saved from being raised with animals and develops the musical talent with which God has blessed him. His first song is dedicated to his mother to complain about her abandonment, and the second is full of sarcasm for a neighbor who accuses him of spying on her daughter bathing naked in the river. As an adult, he begins to be recognized in the region and to enjoy the respect that his father never gives him. He composes the famous song “La diosa coronada” and begins to rise in the fledgling vallenato industry. He meets Matilde Lina, the love of his life and the inspiration for his most famous song. Leandro writes her the most beautiful verses of vallenato "When Matilde walks up to her, the savannah smiles" and fights to the death to get her love.

*Based on real events recorded by Alonso Sánchez Baute in his work "Leandro", which portrays the life of the teacher Leandro Díaz.

Technical File

Direction: Víctor Cantillo and Juan Carlos Mazo.

Original Idea: Novel "Leandro" by Alonso Sánchez Baute.

Scripts: Rafael Noguera, Cecilia Percy and Juan Sebastián Granados.

Executive Production: Ana María Pérez.

Genre: Biographical series.

Duration: 80 x 60'.

Production year: 2022

Produced by: Estudios RCN.