What happens when two skeptics of love meet, coming from very different socioeconomic worlds, and with a group of friends who, with raging hormones and the eagerness to take over the world, cannot understand why women think the way they do and men? men do what they do? Well, love crosses them to put them to the test and force them to face themselves, to see if they are willing or not to do what they preach so much.

DUDES is the story of the complicated love between Antonia and Julián, two skeptics of affective commitments, who meet to show us the dynamics of couple relationships between men and women in the digital age. The two skilled executives will meet when neither of them has any plans to find love, let alone get engaged. This is a love story that seeks to reconcile the battle of the sexes, of an empowered feminine and an evolving masculine.

Technical File

Direction: Mauricio Cruz Fortunatti

Scripts: Daniel Ayala, Diego Ayala

Original Idea: Mónica Agudelo

Executive Producer: Juan Pablo Posada

Gender: Serie

Duration: 6 X 30'

Production year: 2022

Produced by: Estudios RCN para Prime Video