Ramoncito, despite being 40 years old, will continue to be Ramoncito, as he was called in his family, to differentiate him from his father Juan Ramón Vargas. Years have passed and now Ramón has his own family and together with them he will have to face thousands of unexpected situations that will put him in real trouble.

A dad with a streak of bad luck; a beautiful, lawyer and successful wife; an unusual teenage son; a best friend, with all the coastal flavor; an employee who doesn't cook, but who sings all the time with a wounded cry; an adopted dog who guesses the scores of football matches and a daughter they don't know, are the ingredients of this crazy family.

Technical File

Direction: Israel Sánchez and Santiago Vargas.

Librettos: Guido Jácome.

Executive Production: Federico Castillo.

Genre: Comedy.

Duration: 80 x 60'

Production year: 2021

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia to RCN Televisión.