Catalina is 17 years old and although she belongs to the middle class, she studies in one of the most renowned and expensive schools in the city. Catalina is convinced that Matías is just her music teacher and her main protector at school. Actually, Catalina is the daughter of one of the school teachers, María Clara Andrade, and Fernando Duque, Matías's son, who never recognized her.

The life of Catalina, who is studying tenth grade, and is the vocalist of the Los Reales Mix Orchestra, changes forever when old Matías dies in a confusing accident; and when at his funeral Catalina meets Santiago, Matías's grandson, who arrives from Paris. The encounter between them is as brief as it is strong. She is captivated by Santiago's presence and character and he cannot be indifferent to Catalina's voice and beauty. But Matías's death is far from being an accident. Brenda, Santiago's mother, decides to take over the management of the school in the cruelest way possible. And by getting Matías out of the way, he manages to get his son to return to the country, convinces him to stay as the new music teacher, and also sets the trap for Daniela, his ex-girlfriend, to win him back and finally marry him, but it is these ill-intentioned actions that lead Santiago and Catalina to meet for the second time. In the classroom, a relationship begins that is nothing more than an inevitable attraction.

The impact that Santiago creates in the room and outside of it is undeniable and the war for his love will be on several hands. The story will be, Catalina's struggle to be a singer despite the opposition of her mother, who has dreamed of a more formal career for her daughter. Catalina finds love in Santiago and someone with whom she can share her dream. Both will find obstacles in Brenda, his mother; in Daniela, her ex-girlfriend; and in the same potentiality that they are brothers.

Technical File

Direction: Roberto Reyes Toledo

Scripts: Associate Writers

Genre: Telenovela

Duration: 60 X 60

Production year: 2004


Distribution: Sony Pictures.