Rosa Maria and David have nothing in common: she has a strong Latin essence and David has a strong American customs, well, in fact half American, half Colombian. He was born in Colombia but raised in the United States. While family comes first to Rosa Maria, for David life is about working and making money. These two people could hardly fall in love, but for different reasons, they both arrive against their will at the same city and their lives begin to change radically, until they are connected in the midst of solitude and the deception from their previous partners; David’s couldn’t adapt to the country where his parents migrated years back, and Rosa Maria’s because his dream was to live in the United States and earn in dollars to escape the bad economic situation that they were going through.

David arrives to Colombia to be the manager of an apparel company, and Rosa Maria is given the opportunity to be his personal assistant, with one condition: that she wouldn’t have important family commitments in order to be available at all times.

Because of the economic need she was in, she made the mistake of hiding her family. However, her good will, her charisma, and her joy, achieved a good acceptance and awoke David’s hidden side, that that he didn’t know he had or wanted to discover: his Latin side.

In the meantime, Alex, Rosa Maria’s husband, became Berenice’s right hand, a beautiful, captivating woman, but very dangerous: the head of an immigrant traffic network, a business that allows her to make lots of money and that has allowed Alex to wrongly achieve what he dreamed of: to have everything so that his family wasn’t missing anything. That is why he convinced Rosa Maria to travel with her son and begin a new life in New York. They travelled separately. The child arrived to his father’s arms, while Rosa Maria was deported because of Berenice’s fault, who found a way for authorities to discover that Rosa Maria was going to stay illegally in the country, because she wasn’t going to allow her plans with Alex go wrong.

Without hopes of returning to the United States, Rosa Maria asks Alex to return with Michael, but Alex is no longer willing to have the humble and simple life they had before. Rosa Maria does whatever she can to go the U.S. to get her son back, but it is hopeless because she isn’t granted the visa. After going through all the possibilities, she finds out about another: getting married for convenience. At that time she doesn’t have to make any effort to find an American man, because David has been falling in love with her little by little and proposes to her. Though David also conquered her heart, Rosa Maria cannot deny that what motivates her to accept the most is to get her son back. Already married and about to receive her passport, she decides to tell David the truth, but Alex returns and gets ahead of her.

How is Rosa Maria going to recover her son, if the only man that could help her is the same one that just got his heart broken by her?

Technical File

Director: Herney Luna

Scripts: Adriana Suárez Cifuentes, Javier Giraldo

Executive Producer: Yalile Giordanelli Fadul

Duration: 135 x 60.

Production Year: 2013

Produced by: RCN Televisión