In this story, the true protagonists are music, dance and performing arts that come together at the Metropolitan Academy of Art, through a group of boys who come from all corners of the country to become the best in the difficult artistic world. Gregorio, the young man who has convinced his family that he is studying medicine and not acting; Chichi, who wants to be the successor to Alejo Durán; Manuela, the rebel singer without a cause but with talent.

Natalia, the dancer with few scruples; César, the blind musician who can see beyond the obvious; Solanyi, who confuses his innocence and self-confidence; Catherine, forced by her family to enter show business, and Daniel, the Don Juan of young and old, are the students who will give real life lessons with their experiences. However, the professional future of these boys seems to be hanging in the balance due to the administrative changes and the serious economic crisis that the Academy is going through, which for four decades was under the direction of the teacher Rodrigo Giraldo, who now wants to leave his daughter Victoria, a television diva who is going through her best professional moment, in office.

This decision hinders the plans of Matilde Vargas, the academic secretary who for years has been keeping double accounts and appropriating resources through a bank account abroad without raising suspicion. Nor is it good news for Eduardo Lecompte, Victoria's husband and who saw in her the best passport to the Creole Jet Set. Together with Matilde, he will try to sink Victoria and hinder all her plans to move the A.M.A forward. The resignation of her professional life, the divorce, the reunion with an old love, the discovery of her son's drug addiction and the innumerable problems of the young students will force Victoria to draw strength from her weakness... although success is not always guaranteed.

Technical File

Direction: Manuel Gómez, Rodrigo Lalinde.

Librettos: María Jose Posada, Guido Jacome, Felipe Forero.

Executive Producer: Alfonso John F.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 193 X 30.

Production year: 2003

Produced by: RCN Televisión.