Rita Emilia Pulido had spent most of her days living as the maid's daughter. Knowing the duties of the home, an excellent cook endowed with immense patience and maintaining the tradition of her mother, today she works as an inmate of a modern family. On her side, Mariana Zuleta grew up in a world full of luxuries and possibilities.

The best schools, vacations abroad, and a loving family gave him the tools to face the executive world. She thought she had it all: a happy marriage, a beautiful daughter, and an excellent job at a multinational company. The only thing she lacked was to find an ideal employee to whom she would give the keys to her home. And so Rita arrived at the Zuleta house. Not only to solve domestic problems but to make her a housekeeper, babysitter, friend and confidant, but when the lady of the house thinks she has solved her only problem, the maid, fate plays her cards and her world falls apart.

Mariana loses her wonderful job for which she had made great sacrifices, begins to question her “perfect” marriage, and is confronted with the rebellion of her teenage daughter. And as if his problems were few, Andrés, his crush from his university years, reappears, who returns to the country to visit without knowing that his stay will last longer than expected and who will come to endanger his marriage with Ricardo, but fate will once again become a protagonist in this love story and Andrés' feelings for Mariana will be confused when his love for Rita begins to grow.

Andrés will be in charge of uniting the opposite worlds of these two women full of stories, dreams and passions. The setting: the modern home of the Zuletas, where Mariana and Rita will not only become friends and enemies, but also live a true love on the grill.

Technical File

Direction: Mario Ribero.

Scripts: Fabiola Carillo and Claudia García.

Executive Producer: Mónica Forero

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 125 X 60.

Production year: 2003

Produced by: RCN Televisión.