The haunted love between a young saleswoman and her boss, a handsome executive...
When Lucía Garzón lost her fiancée in her hometown, she thought that her entire life had ended. That she was wrong she was she. Lucía traveled to the capital with her family with the sole hope of starting a new life, working and offering her parents and sisters economic stability.

She did not imagine that while looking for that dream job she would meet what would be the love of her love: Nicolás Santoyo, a young executive, manager of the Colombell cosmetics company, with whom she would begin a romance as intense as it was persecuted. .

The love of Nicolás and Lucía is hindered by his ex-girlfriend Andrea Villamarín, an unscrupulous woman who, seeing her lost boyfriend, will not hesitate to use any weapon in order to recover him. Andrea's tricks will range from consulting witches to setting up a kidnapping. Lucía, for her part, will deal with the envy of her new co-workers, with the injustice of her boss Gertrudis and with the harassment of Lorenzo, a Colombell adviser, who will show himself as her great friend, but who plans to win her over at all costs. .

Things will be no less difficult for Nicolás who will live in continuous conflict with his brothers and will also discover that as a baby he was kidnapped to be delivered to his adoptive mother, it is then that he will want to know everything about his origin without even imagining that a harsh circumstance of life would take him to be close to his real family without him knowing it. In Amor de mis amores family conflicts, childhood dreams, the drama of a cancer patient, the quarrels between saleswomen and autumn loves are also evident.

Technical File

Direction: Alfredo Tappan.

Scripts: Hector Forero

Executive Production: Alfredo Tappan.

Genre: Telenovela- Drama.

Duration: 101 X 60.

Production year: 2004

Produced by: FOX TELECOLOMBIA S.A. for RCN Television.

Distribution: TIS Productions.