It tells the story of love and passion of a mother and her daughter, PAZ and BÁRBARA, for their bodyguards, JUAN MANUEL and NICOLÁS, respectively. PAZ DELUCCI is a prestigious fashion designer and businesswoman, married to ALEJANDRO SANIN, whom she has respected throughout all her years of marriage but with whom she has not been happy at all. From the union BÁRBARA was born, a capricious young woman who suffers from bulimia.

JUAN MANUEL AGUIRRE, a man by conviction and by country occupation, lives on a small farm with his wife GABRIELA and his only daughter, TATIANA, who is the couple's adoration. The difficult economic situation he is going through forces him to look for work as a foreman on the DELUCCI farm. This is how the day he attended the interview to get the position, he finds that some thugs are trying to kidnap PAZ, but fortunately for her, JUAN MANUEL manages to save her. From this moment he will be united to her, no longer as a foreman but as her bodyguard.

What will create more conflicts are the great secrets that SANTIAGO, PAZ's father, keeps. And many years ago the great patriarch had ALICIA ALVAREZ (Juan Manuel's mother-in-law) as a lover. ALICIA was lost for a long time, without informing SANTIAGO of the existence of a son. Years later, the one who comes to discover it is INÉS, SANTIAGO's current wife, with whom he lives a very discreet and almost hidden relationship. Out of love for SANTIAGO, INÉS was able to abandon her home and her children: NICOLÁS and LAURA CAMACHO, but time has cost her the sin committed with the lack of love for her son. NICOLAS holds a great grudge against her mother and of course against the man who took her away from her family.

SANTIAGO has the same amount left to pay for his errors and his injustices. The biggest one was giving away VICTORIA's baby, the youngest of his daughters. And precisely the other great secret that unites the DELUCCI and the AGUIRRE is that TATIANA is not actually the daughter of JUAN MANUEL and GABRIELA, but the daughter of VICTORIA whom SANTIAGO tore from her arms, making her believe for a long time that had died in childbirth. Over time, TATIANA and BARBARÁ, the two girls, who do not know that they are first cousins, will end up facing each other for the love of NICOLÁS, while JUAN MANUEL must choose between the love of his protégé PAZ and that of his wife GABRIELA.

Technical File

Direction: Juan Carlos Vásquez y Olga Lucía Rodríguez

Scripts: Juliana Lema

Executive production: Luis Eduardo Jiménez Padilla

Gender: Melodrama - Telenovela

Duration: 205 X 60'

Production year: 2009

Produced by: RCN Televisión

Distribution: TELESET