Despite being determined and strong when it comes to managing her life, Angélica cannot avoid entering her mid-30s crisis. Her eagerness to find her ideal partner and all her ability to give and love lead her to idealize the men who they approach him, that is why he has had to get up again and again from the pain of failed relationships with those who do not want any commitment, are opportunistic or even married.

Angélica must sadly admit that even her daughter Juliana, barely ten years old, handles love much better. Her little girl, who is the main reason for her life, is in charge of putting her face to face with the harsh reality. Graduated in medicine and specializing in bioenergetics and homeopathy, Angélica then decides to pour all her love into her profession and her patients, especially now that she faces the challenge of directing the alternative medicine area of an important clinic in the city dedicated until then only traditional medicine.

She owes this achievement to Bernardo Mejía, her teacher at the university and who recommended her to the shareholders of the medical center, all with a second intention, that she meet again with the great love of her life, Fernando Duarte, a former teacher of Angélica, with whom he had a loving relationship several years ago. Now Fernando is the director of the clinic and he only has six months to live, because he suffers from leukemia, although she does not know it. However, Fernando is engaged to Camila, one of the best surgeons in the country, and he has no intention of getting romantically involved with anyone else, since it does not seem unfair to him that Camila suffers with his death, although not even she knows about his illness.

Technical File

Directed by: William Gonzalez

Scripts: Jorge Elkim Ospina and Fernán Rivera Aza

Executive Producer: Nelly Ordóñez

Genre: Telenovela

Duration: 94 X 30

Production year: 2001

Produced by: Televideo for RCN Television

Distribution: Televideo S.A.