After 25 years of marriage, Ana, who has just turned 50, is suddenly left alone when she discovers the infidelity that her husband had been having for two years. This unexpected and painful reality leads her to question her role as her wife, mother, daughter and sister. This is how she rediscovers her love and passion with a man younger than her, while she struggles to remember the woman she used to be long ago. When her husband realizes the big mistake he made and tries to return, he finds a very different Ana; one that will never again put in the background the only person who didn't give it due importance: herself.

Technical File

Direction: Luis Carlos Sierra and Olga Rodríguez.

Scripts: Jimena Romero and Gilma Peña.

Original Idea: Bernardo Romero and Mónica Agudelo.

Executive Producer: Yalile Giordanelli.

Genre: Telenovela - Drama.

Duration: 91 x 60'.

Production year: 2023

Produced by: Estudios RCN.