The story begins at the moment when the patriarch Manuel María, in love with the black Sixta, leaves her pregnant. The wound that this fact causes in Matilde de Solaz, leads her to expel the recently born Sixta from the hacienda, who, faced with the pain of her exile and that Manuel María snatches the newborn from her, curses the Solaz lineage, predicting that every woman who carries the son of a Solaz in her womb will die during childbirth, and announces that the curse will only cease when what they separated today is reunited. From this moment and for three more generations, the curse will be fulfilled and it will be Ignacio and Mariana, in the last generation, who in the fight for their love, will unite the white race and the black race that Matilde separated on the day of her birth. of Maximilian.

The story takes place in the universe of sugar cane where white landowners coexist with black workers, and the lives of all of them are affected by the occurrence of events that seem to confirm the power of Sixta's curse. about the family of Manuel María Solaz.

Technical File

Direction: Carlos Moreno and Mónica Botero.

Scripts: Andrés Ríos, Diana Quiñones and Luz Ángel Hernández.

Executive Production: Óscar Guarín.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 80 x 60'

Production year: 2014

Produced by: FoxTelecolombia to Estudios RCN.