The day ended. Between songs, rum and sweat, the cutters march to the hacienda. An orange and yellow sunset bathes the cane fields and in the distance the sugar mill sleeps silently. The reeds hide shadows, women's laughter, brown laughter... flesh and devil. Passion has spread its nets! The whitest and most noble lineage has surrendered forever to the spell of honey...

In the forties, the power of the Solaz family represented in its immense sugar cane fields seemed to never end. Manuel María Solaz managed his estate and his fortune with strong enthusiasm, until that day when the black Sixta Lucumi, drunk with anger and pain, cursed the family when the son he planted in her womb was taken from her... "Sugar for to be white requires black blood, black seed and black soil... I curse the Solaz family... the moment a Solaz is born, his mother will die... and this will be so for generations until May love unite what pride separated”.

Sugar is the showdown, body clash, sauce hit, rum sips. Azúcar is a legendary hacienda inhabited by a handful of men and women who live and love passionately, even though their fate has been marked by a curse.

Sugar is tropics and heat. Sugar is burning that seeps into the blood and sprouts in the cinnamon bark of the cane cutters.

"Sugar is honey and skin..."

"Azúcar is the meeting of taut pink lips with a melodious and sensual mouth."

"Sugar is the rhythm that devils hearts and makes bodies vibrate."


Technical File

Direction: Carlos Mayolo.

Scripts: Mauricio Navas Talero and Fernando Gaitán.

Executive Production: Eunice Gómez.

Genre: Telenovela - Drama.

Duration: 83 x 60'.

Production year: 1989

Produced by: RCN Televisión.