Café is the story of a love story between a coffee picker nicknamed Gaviota and Sebastián Vallejo, who belongs to a distinguished coffee-growing family that obviously does not accept their love.

Sebastián, who was dragging the drama of never having made love with any woman, discovers a sensuality in the collector that encourages him to love for the first time. Seagull, who had always been careful to give herself to a man, dreaming of ever meeting a prince charming, sees that prince in Sebastian, and gives herself to him.

They both love each other, hidden from the aristocratic family, but Sebastián must return to London to finish his studies. The two agree that they will meet after a year, on the same date, and they will marry. Gaviota becomes pregnant and travels to Europe to look for him, deceived by some white slavers who take advantage of her innocence, actually taking her as a prostitute.

Technical File

Directed by: Pepe Sánchez.

Scripts: Fernando Gaitán Salom.

Executive Producer: Amparo Gomez.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 317 X 30'

Production year: 1994

Produced by: RCN Televisión.