The day Carolina returns to the land where she was born, she does not know that she owns everything and that cursed blood runs through her veins...

Barrantes was the region's potentate. A selfish man who took over the land, the houses and even the lives of the people. A man that everyone hated and feared and, faced with the impossibility of getting rid of him, they wished that he would never reproduce. The force of hatred is such that it becomes a curse and one day, everyone conjures so that his species does not reproduce, sentencing: if one day the blood of Barrantes runs through any creature, it will be cursed. The town does not know it, but one night Barrantes manages to father a daughter, who she will have to leave the town as a newborn to return years later as the daughter of the maid in a land that she belongs to.

Carolina, who is unaware of the whole truth, returns and falls in love, unknowingly every time a man approaches her, every time love is about to occur and she is close to reproducing, the curse announces itself breaking mirrors, breaking glass, lightning, thunder and storms fall on the region that does not stop looking for Barrantes' daughter to end her, to prevent her from loving.

Technical File

Direction: Miguel Varoni.

Scripts: Fernando Gaitán.

Executive Producer: Consuelo Santamaría.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 146 X 60.

Production year: 1998

Produced by: RCN Televisión.