Chepe Fortuna, fisherman and leader of the El Tiburón neighborhood, dreams of being mayor, to lift his people out of poverty and give them a better future. Niña Cabrales, descendant of one of the most important families on the coast, she returns from doing a specialization in Spain and comes with the dream of carrying out various ecological projects and especially helping the fishermen of the El Tiburón neighborhood.

Chepe and Niña don't know each other, however they both mutually dream of each other. Chepe was also born with the gift of interpreting people's dreams, but with his own he has never been able to know their meaning. However, he will soon know that the dream he had where he helped a mermaid with the face of Niña Cabrales, will be a prediction for his life that will bring him closer to the power of the city and the woman of his dreams.

Technical File

Direction: Mario Ribero.

Librettos: Miguel Ángel Baquero.

Executive Producer: Ana Peralta.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 151 x 60.

Production year: 2010

Produced by: RCN Studios.