Rafael Contreras is an amateur boxer who must flee his hometown in Antioquia after refusing to lose a fight and knocking out his rival at the last moment. Escaping to Bogotá, he looks for his older brother, Lucho, to help him find a job and to send money to his wife, Liliana, who stayed in town with her two young children in a dangerous situation.

But in the capital, Rafael discovers that Lucho's life is not that of a simple mechanic as he thought: he is a drunken womanizer who works in the black car market. The relationship between the two brothers is put to the test when Rafael meets Helena, Lucho's girlfriend, a beautiful and charismatic community leader. From that moment nothing is the same again. Not for him, because she can't get her out of her mind, not for Liliana, her wife, whom he has always adored; nor for Lucho, his older brother.

In the midst of all this, Rafael will have an opportunity to return to boxing with the help of a renowned businessman, Sarmiento, who perfectly manages the world of betting and discovers that Rafael's talent as a boxer can take them both very far. Rafael is ready to take the big step of his life when Sarmiento lands him a big fight. But a forbidden love story is going to reveal a world very different from the one he imagined and he will have to face it with much more sophisticated tools than his fists.

Technical File

Direction: Juan Carlos Vásquez, Olga Lucia Rodríguez.

Scripts: Julián Lema, Silvia León.

Executive Production: Luis Eduardo Jiménez. 

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 90 x 60

Production year: 2012

Produced by: Teleset to RCN Studios.