Five years ago, the life of SARA LÓPEZ took a definitive turn: love and misfortune crossed her path, embodied in ESTEBAN ARAGÓN, the man who, without knowing it, is doomed to hurt her. Sara had to pay five years in prison for a crime that she did not commit and of which Esteban is guilty. Although, thanks to the influence of her family, she managed to flee from justice, he was never free of guilt, and now, after five years, he will return to the country to face her.

Once Sara returns to freedom, she is determined to find the real culprits to clear her name and do justice; that is if she, without suspecting that Esteban, the cause of her misfortune, will cross her path again. Both will meet again in the same place that united them years ago, SUPERMARKETS ARAGÓN, one of the most important commercial chains in the country. There Sara will fall in love with Esteban, without knowing that it was precisely him, the person responsible for the crime that she wants to clarify. Esteban, for his part, at first is willing to confess the truth to Sara, but his father's terminal illness and the responsibility of taking care of the future of the family and the company that his father forged prevents him from doing so. So much so he decides to simply assuage his guilt by giving Sara a job at the company, despite the family's opposition because of the danger she represents. And although at first he will only approach Sara because of the guilt he feels from her for having harmed her, little by little he will fall in love with her when he discovers that she is everything he expects of a woman.

Sara quickly falls exhausted at Esteban's feet. But he, aware that the great love and passion that he feels for Sara are impossible, tries to get away. Sara suffers without understanding the man's rejection of her life. It is at that moment that Esteban, confident in the great love they have for her, decides to tell her the truth. That is where the difficulties begin, because Sara finds out that the great love of her life was her executioner. She feels doubly cheated and decides to destroy him. First because of what she went through five years ago, and now because of her resentment that knowing that Esteban dared to make her fall in love with her causes her. The justice that Sara was looking for at the beginning, now turns into an implacable revenge. Further making Sara and Esteban's love impossible are Diego Hincapié (John Alex Toro) and Dominique Vidal (Jimena Durán).

Technical File

Direction: Israel Sánchez.

Scripts: Liliana Guzmán, Mauricio Guerra, Julio Contreras. 

Executive Production: Juan Felipe Flórez.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 123 X 60

Production year: 2006

Produced by: RCN Studios.