Bella is a very beautiful woman who lives in a banana town. Her great love is Antonio Segovia, a man from a conservative family. But one day she is kidnapped by the powerful businessman Román Montero and taken to live in a mansion to be his concubine. Bella hopes to be rescued from her, but no one believes that Román has kidnapped her, especially her fiancée, who, injured, believes that she went with Montero out of interest. As if her fate hadn't been cruel enough to her, Bella takes another blow when her grandfather dies and she is left alone in the world.

Abandoned and humiliated, she has no choice but to give herself to Román, but she loses her virginity to someone else, so as not to give him that satisfaction. Then, to get back at him, she decides to satisfy all who desire her in exchange for gold and jewels. Thus, Bella becomes a millionaire and, once Román is forced to return to the capital for work reasons, she reinstalls herself in the town of Agua Hermosa with the hope of meeting her lover Antonio de ella again. But Antonio, due to her great family and social pressures, cannot forgive her and marries another woman. Bella, feeling rejected and destroyed, decides to take revenge on her: she sets up a brothel in this conservative town where she is the only prostitute. There she gives herself to all the rich men to torture her love who despised her with jealousy. "All men will be able to have her, except him."

But the great love between Bella and Antonio is too strong to be forgotten by them; eventually they become lovers, ignoring the fact that he is now married to Evangelina and has several children... this will generate more rejection and hatred towards her from the majority of the town. But Bella won't care about this and she will even have a daughter with Antonio... This strained relationship between the two will mark their lives and those of the town's inhabitants for many years, especially that of Andrés Mendoza, who will be the eternal third in discord and will also have another daughter with Bella.

A story that begins so badly could not end differently; Overwhelmed by Antonio's constant jealousy and abuse, Bella will hire someone to kill him... however, she will regret this and try to avoid it at all costs, but it will be too late...

Technical File

Direction:  Toni Navia.

Scripts: Andrés Guzmán, Ricardo Forero, Pamela Soriano.

Executive Production: Armando Barbosa.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 123 X 60.

Production year: 2009

Produced by: RCN Studios.