Honoring the mythical king who bears his name, Midas Clemente, owner of an important lottery in the country, to fulfill the last will of his recently deceased wife, through his lottery, he gives part of his fortune to three poor mortals, to who will change their lives forever.

1. Gladys Moreno, from Barranquilla, neighborhood beautician, black and good-natured, mother of two children, married to a wretch who turns her on with more than one young woman and to top it off, nestled in the house of a mother-in-law who makes her life impossible on a daily basis for being black and for marrying her only white male child.

2. Domingo Pérez, a humble shoeshine boy, never imagined that the lottery ticket that Midas Clemente gives him in the Plaza de Bolívar, where Domingo raises money daily to support his poor family, could make him truly rich, truly.

3. Finally there is Leonel, a taxi driver with the worst luck in the world, harassed by debts and by two intense and persecuting ex-wives who have sued him in family courts. Leonel never imagined that when he picked up an old man named Goyo at the airport, he was getting his ticket to wealth into the taxi.

Three stories told with humor, popular daily life, Colombianness, where the universal dream of every human being of winning the lottery to get out of poverty and fix all problems with money is addressed.

Technical File

Direction: Álvaro Cortés, Mauricio Martínez, Miguel Ángel Baquero Y Liliana Galeano

Scripts: Miguel Ángel Baquero Y Eloísa Infante

Executive production: Consuelo Santamaría

Gender: Telenovela

Duration: 132 x 60"

Production year: 2013

Produced by: RCN Televisión