Irene Buenaventura is about to discover that she has the sensitivity to communicate with the afterlife. The last time inexplicable whispers reached her ears was at the Grand Hotel: her aunt Otilia's workplace. The truth is that the building keeps a dark mystery: embedded in one of its walls, the body of Américo Esquivel, owner of the hotel and who was murdered by Julieta Falquez, his niece, and his collaborators, decomposes. The assassins cannot accept that the old man does not reveal the whereabouts of a guaca that he has hidden in the hotel and they kill him. Before passing away, Américo curses with death anyone who dares to approach his treasure. However, his assassins continue with the search for the treasure, while making everyone believe that Américo has fled to avoid facing the imminent bankruptcy of the Gran Hotel.

The news of Américo's disappearance makes Otilia, the elevator operator, have the worst premonitions. She doesn't believe that Américo ran away on the very day that she just confessed to him that as a result of the furtive romance they have had for years, there is a daughter. To find out what really happened to the old man, she resigns from her position at the hotel and asks Irene to replace her. Unknowingly, Irene is faced with discovering the ins and outs of her own father's death, finally accepting her paranormal sensitivity.

In those days she also arrives at the hotel Miguel Toro, a civil engineer, an expert in finding treasures. Precisely the search for a chest full of pearls took him away five years ago from the woman he was about to marry: Juliet. She pretends to have forgiven him for the rudeness, so that Miguel goes back to look for the guaca that his uncle hides. Miguel, innocent of the murder and of Américo's curse, accepts the job.

Technical File

Direction: Rodrigo Lalinde.

Scripts: Natalia Villanoba.

Executive Production: Juan Pablo Posada.

Genre: Telenovela - Drama.

Duration: 127 X 60.

Production year: 2009

Produced by: Teleset para RCN Televisión

Distribution: Sony Pictures