Juliana dies when she falls from the mountain that she climbs with Esteban. After the fall, Esteban looks for his partner, Harold, who reveals the sinister plan he devised to frame him for Juliana's death. But Harold, who is later killed by another man to silence him, isn't the only one to blame. There is another who ordered the murder and Esteban returns to find out. What Esteban does not know is that Harold survived, he is a quadriplegic, he cannot speak either and is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. His longtime girlfriend, Clemencia, an ambitious woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, takes care of her.

Upon her return from him, the only clue she has is the Santamarías. They had a motive: Juliana's mother's inheritance, which they obtained as soon as Juliana died. Esteban, believing that they are the culprits, decides to start his investigation with them. But now he has a dangerous enemy: Clemencia, she knows Esteban's true identity, she knows that she returned to the country and she will use that information to put pressure on him. Esteban buys a property to set up a business like the one he had before he fled. Here he meets a trio of young people: Ximena, Saúl and Fernando and becomes friends with them. Ximena falls in love with Esteban at first sight and when she finds out about his plans, she offers to help him, along with his friends. Esteban meets Ángela, Ximena's sister, the woman who will change her life and give her new hope, but Ángela is married to Alfonso Santamaría, precisely one of the men Esteban suspects he accused him of. Ximena, helping Esteban, embarks on the investigation and discovers that Juliana is not who Esteban thought she was, discovering that there is something shady in her past.

The love of Esteban and Ángela will not be easy to consummate. On the one hand, Alfonso is not going to allow his wife to leave him and will do everything possible to get him back to his side. Esteban is persecuted by the detectives hired by Francisco Santamaría. In addition, things are going to get even more complicated, her relationship with Ángela, when both have given each other the opportunity to love each other, she begins to suspect that Esteban had something to do with her murder of her father. 

Technical File

Direction: Lilo Vilaplana.

Scripts: Dago García and Luis Felipe Salamanca.

Executive Producer: Amparo López G.

Genre: Telenovela

Duration: 125 X 60"

Production year: 2005

Produced By: Fox telecolombia to RCN Televisión

Distribution: TIS Productions.