Somewhere in the universe, where love stories are born and where the songs that nourish the souls of lovers are inspired, someone was paying attention when Manolo swore to Noelia that if he could go back in time, he would never commit any of them again. the mistakes that triggered the breakup of their courtship and her irrevocable decision to move away, forget about that love and marry Eddy, a boyfriend she had before meeting Manolo. Whoever the character who heard the oath of the protagonist of this story was, also had the power to grant Manolo his wish, only that this opportunity to live again to repair the mistakes, has an implacable condition: If in a period of six months, Manolo is not capable of fulfilling his oath, Noelia will be inevitably condemned to die on the night of September 6.

That period begins the morning in which Manolo wakes up in the clinic after having survived a serious car accident that occurred when he "was driving more than a hundred", blinded by the desperation of trying to dissuade Noelia, a who Manolo now presumes dead. When Manolo manages to understand that Noelia is alive thanks to the fact that he was sent back six months in time, he also learns that the only way to prevent the fatal destiny from coming true is for him not to make a single mistake. Although Manolo knows the way, his journey will be difficult because - being so out of place - he will not realize the new dangers and will put Noelia's survival at risk, which will not help her conquest either.

Technical File

Direction: Herney Luna.

Scripts: Mauricio Navas, Conchita Ruiz, Tania Cárdenas. 

Executive Producer: María Eugenia Salazar.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 77 X 60”

Production year: 2009

Produced by: RCN Studios.