The night before his wedding to Vanessa Santillana, and minutes after saving the life of a surgical patient, Santiago Bayona, M.D. and partner in the clinic, is approached by Octavio Andrade, in the parking lot of the clinic. 

Octavio reveals the most unexpected secrets to Octavio. He tells her that Luis Alberto Bayona, Santiago's uncle, did not die of a heart attack as he was told, but had been murdered. Luis Alberto Bayona had received the clinic as a front man for a mobster and instead of returning the clinic, he granted it by deed in the name of Santiago, Benjamín (Santiago's father) and Mr. Jorge, our hero's grandfather. The mobster wants to recover his clinic since he can use it as a front for his business and to achieve this he names Álvaro Castro and Vanessa Santillana. Vanessa ends up falling in love with Santiago and Álvaro cannot convince him to sell his shares. These two reasons make Amadeo Carreño and Roberto Molina, mafia bosses who want the clinic, make a final decision. In the middle of their conversation, a car rented by the mafia bosses runs over Octavio and Santiago. Their car crashes and Octavio dies.

Santiago is immediately transferred to the emergency room of the clinic where he is operated on by the surgeon Manuel Santamaría. Santiago's operation is successful, but a hitman attempts to assassinate him while he is in the ICU. This time he is saved by the appearance of Manuel Santamaría. The next day, feeling threatened, Santiago and Manuel decide to make up a story to save Santiago's life. They tell everyone that Santiago has suffered severe brain trauma that has left him in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. To make sure the secret is safe, they decide not to tell anyone, including his family. In his feigned vegetative state, Santiago discovers that his grandmother is going to be manipulated by his children. He also discovers amazing things about the personalities of his family and friends. But since he needs to fulfill his promise to work for the good of the people, for the truth and for love, he needs allies within the home. Paco, his grandfather, Mireya and Luisa form the team in charge of finding out the truth of the situation.

Technical File

Direction: Germán Porras

Scripts: Gustavo Bolívar

Executive Producer: Gloria Cuartas

Genre: Telenovela

Duration: 125 X 60"

Production year: 2002

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia para RCN Televisión

Distribution: TIS Productions.