Someone said that the marriage was badly designed. And it seems that he was absolutely right, because the number of marriages that decide to separate is increasing every day throughout the world. It does not matter if they have been three months or twenty-five years, the fact is that neither men nor women are willing to put up with a bad relationship, nor to live without love. Therefore, for the vast majority of women, making the decision to separate is not easy. When they decide to do so, they are filled with guilt, even though they are clear that they cannot bear a lie, not a blow, not one more insult. They are educated to think first about others, about what they will say, about the economic needs that they will experience if they are left alone, about anything but their own happiness.

To complete, they enter into a violent crisis with themselves, with work, with the family, with the ex-mother-in-law, with their children, with their friends, with the ex's new wife, rather, with the whole world. All these women, without exception, are victims of themselves: they keep quiet about what they really think and feel. To protect themselves, so as not to feel weak, out of fear or because there is no other choice. To survive in a relationship. And that is why each one is an antagonist of her own history. There is nothing that hurts a woman more than not being consistent with what she thinks and feels. That's why each of them has a reason, a conflict that will make her marriage even more difficult.

The protagonists of this story also have one thing in common: unfortunately or fortunately they are separated or about to be, except for Antonia Palacio, the owner of the real estate services company where they all work. She is the only one who can still say that after twenty years of marriage, she is still happily married. The question is, how long will Antonia's happiness last?

Technical File

Direction: Luis Orejuela Cortés.

Scripts: Adriana Suárez Cifuentes, Pedro Miguel Rozo.

Executive Producer: Silvana Orlandelli.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 147 X 60"

Production year: 2008

Produced by: RCN Studios.