Juan Camilo Caballero, better known as "Juan Sin Miedo", a consummate chauvinist, renowned conqueror and unscrupulous businessman, finds out that Isabella Nieto is an obstacle to reaching a position on the Board of Directors of Imperial Caribeann Travels, one of the most important tourism companies in the country, since she, with her small neighborhood travel agency, is her direct competition in a contest for the award of a hotel in the Colombian Caribbean. He decides to make fun of Isabella, get close to her, be her friend, seduce her and fall in love with her until she becomes her lover, to steal the business information that allows him to fulfill her dreams of power. But when he meets Isabella and makes her the victim of a great deception, he discovers that all her prejudices about her woman are not so true. He discovers in her an exceptional woman, a valuable, affectionate and intelligent person.

Juan Camilo, despite his convictions, has to admit that he is terribly in love with that "insignificant" woman. He loves for the first time, he conflicts, he is afraid of love, of commitment, he adores freedom, Isabella also has a son and his convictions are clear: he is not here to raise "other people's children", but heart can do more than reason and decides to put aside his dirty game of betrayal, to put his feelings before a business. But it is already too late. For Cristóbal Saénz, one of the company's executives, the information that Juan Camilo stole from Isabella is the key that opens the way for him to leave his wife, become the majority shareholder of Imperial and be happy with his seductive lover. Laura. He appropriates the idea, makes Juan Camilo appear as the thief, not only of the commercial strategy but of a million-dollar sum, and as if that were not enough, moved by obsessive jealousy, he plans to eliminate him, since Juan Camilo had relations with Laura, the woman who truly loves. Juan Camilo decides to come clean with Isabella, tell her his real intentions and which he gave up for love, but Cristóbal goes ahead and manages for her to know his version, for which Isabella, deeply disappointed and hurt, despises the man she had fallen for. in love, he cheated not only on her, but also on her son, he can't stand that his dreams have been frustrated because of him. The great love of her turns into deep hatred.

Juan Camilo, realizing that he ended Isabella's professional and family life, decides to repair the damage done to her and seeks, however, to recover her love and vows to find out who set her up. When trying to do so, he suffers an attack, organized by Cristóbal. Everyone believes that Juan Camilo is dead, but he miraculously is unharmed and decides to remain anonymous to fulfill his promise of love and prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Cristóbal decides that there is no better person to manage the project that he stole and adapted than his own creator: Isabella. He hires her and she, accepting the position out of necessity, requests an assistant. When it comes to hiring her, she is clear with her bosses: it is essential that she be a woman, because she does not want to work alongside a man, because they have caused her a lot of pain.


Technical File

Direction: Juan Camilo Pinzón.

Scripts: Elkim Ospina - Fernán Rivera - Juan Carlos Troncoso.

Executive Production: Yulder Gutiérrez.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 158 X 60.

Production year: 2007

Produced by: RCN Studios.