RCN Television presents a production by Bernardo Romero Pereiro that tells the story of Manuela, a beautiful woman from the provinces who works as an announcer at the small radio station in her town, where she lives with her parents and has a simple affair with Mateo, her all-time boyfriend. life, who dedicates himself to music as a hobby and is a cheerful young man, a good son and a good boyfriend, but lacking in ambitions. For him, his town is the world and the idea of going to the city terrifies him. Together they share a solid, beautiful relationship until the day she decides to leave after the tragic death of her parents, a fact that drives her mad and creates a deep hatred for everything that has to do with her people and her past. After this crisis she flees to the city in search of her only remaining relatives.

There she finds the support of her uncle, but conflicts begin with her cousin Cristina who is jealous and envious of her beauty that has begun to captivate Francisco Grijalba, a fine, elegant, intelligent and very wealthy man who is dedicated to conquering her all over the world. coast, without revealing his true sick and psychopathic personality. Roberta, Francisco's current girlfriend, wants to marry him for his money and his social position. When Francisco begins to leave her for Manuela, she meets with Cristina to destroy her, without achieving her goal, because Manuela, seduced, finally falls into Grijalba's networks, who becomes a cruel, sadistic man who terrifies her through threats. to take her to the altar. Mateo, for her part, after looking for her relentlessly, gives up and dedicates himself seriously to music until he becomes a star.

After some time, Manuela faces her failed marriage, the betrayal of her best friend and the fact that her uncles "sold" her to her current husband, which motivates her to look for her old boyfriend who now rejects her out of resentment and for that the success he has achieved as a singer makes him lose his horizon. From this moment on, destiny begins to play with their lives in such a way that while one succeeds, the other fails. After Manuela flees from her husband and Mateo is dazzled by fame, evil interests begin to face each other in a plot full of of suspense, hate, power and passion that concludes in a great love story.

Technical File

Direction: Miguel Varoni.

Scripts: Bernardo Romero Pereiro, Mónica Agudelo Tenorio.

Executive Producer: Eunice Gómez.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 204 X 60.

Production year: 1995

Produced by: RCN Televisión.