The winning team of Café con Aroma de Mujer: Fernando Gaitán in the scripts, Pepe Sánchez in the Direction and Guy Ecker as the protagonist, accompanied by the beautiful Sonya Smith (Carasucia) and more than 40 leading Colombian actors, make up the cast of Guajira.

This spectacular Telenovela is full of attractive characters and intense situations achieved in real settings in the beautiful region of La Guajira, in the North of Colombia. Sonia Arbeláez and Felipe Uribe are inseparable friends. They have grown together and together they have shared the most special moments of each of their lives. In her last year of college, Sonia meets Helmut Edinberg, a prestigious mining engineer who is practically twice her age, but she has absolutely all the attributes that any woman would look for in a man.

Helmut sees the two biggest dreams of his life crystallized: marrying Sonia and taking charge of the most important coal project in Latin America. This challenge leads Helmut to discover a magical, unexpected, exciting land: La Guajira. The technology and the enormous infrastructure of the Coal Mine will have to make their way between the world of contraband, the customs of the unpredictable Wayuu caste and even the extravagances of marijuana traffickers. The challenge for Helmut turns out to be much greater than he himself expected. As time goes by, he grows further and further away from his young wife. Sonia, accustomed to the hectic pace and the comforts of the city, finds no place in a strange, dangerous world, a world that she is neither able nor interested in deciphering.

Felipe's return means that Sonia's life is filled with doubts and uncertainty. She perhaps she never should have married an older man. She maybe she wasn't really in love but just dazzled.

Yes, Guajira is much more than a love story, it is the clash of two cultures, it is the meeting of technology with the magic of a world where everything is yet to be discovered.

Technical File

Direction: Pepe Sánchez.

Scripts: Jaime Lozano and Fernando Gaitán.

Executive Production: Amparo Gómez.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 199 X 30.

Production year: 1996

Produced by: RCN Televisión.