"Until money separates us" is a tragicomedy that tells the story of Rafael Méndez, a modest young merchant who sells everything: women's underwear, lotions, car batteries, liquor, whatever it takes to keep his family. mother and her sister. One unfortunate night, when coming in his old car from a disastrous business appointment in La Calera, he accidentally drives a luxurious latest model car off the road, which rolls into a deep abyss.

After much doubt, Rafael Méndez decides to go to the aid of the injured driver, and he meets a beautiful woman who is devastated and delirious. He takes her to a clinic: And here her life takes a total and unexpected turn, which will make him question if it was worth taking her out of there and saving her life. Taking her to the clinic, the police put him in jail for showing up with a bloody wounded man. Apart from that, the woman, in the little lucidity she has left, manages to give him away. Rafael must, therefore, face a legal and economic hell. The woman suffers multiple and serious fractures throughout her body. She was about to marry a distinguished and feared lawyer, and the accident spoils the wedding. She missed all the expensive arrangements, the club, the dinner, the flower arrangements, the Hawaiian cruise; His car is declared a total loss, and the insurance does not cover it in its entirety; As if that were not enough, they enforce a default clause for not showing up for the signing of the deeds of his future apartment, he loses important business, it is total ruin. And her convalescence takes her away from her executive work for a month, causing her great losses.

She must then undergo a delicate operation with rehabilitation therapy in the United States. Total: 110 million pesos in losses, which she has no way to pay, since her family, aristocratic and very wealthy in the past, is going through serious financial problems and has all her assets seized. Rafael reaches an agreement with Alejandra's boyfriend. He asks her to let him out of jail in exchange for paying the 110 million pesos; silver that he has never seen together in her entire life, and that she never dreamed of ever having to collect.

The agreement is very simple: Alejandra asks for a bank loan for that money, (because they would never lend him a peso in a bank), and he agrees to pay it over three years, at a rate of 36 monthly installments of five and a half million pesos, an absurd figure if one thinks that in the best months of his life, he has barely managed to earn 500,000 pesos. Without university studies, he begins a mad race to find a job that offers him more than six million pesos. The city is demanding and as is to be expected, he doesn't make it. However, there is another opportunity.

Technical File

Direction: Sergio Osorio

Scripts: Fernando Gaitán Salom, Lina María Uribe, Andrés Burgos.

Executive Production: Pilar Fernández.

Genre: Dramedy.

Duration: 163 X 60

Production year: 2006

Produced by: RCN Studios.