Isabel Vargas, is a simple woman born into a family of photographers, who dreams of being a great advertising photographer and of achieving the recognition that her father deserves. To reach them, she decides to look for one of the most recognized publicists of the moment: Diego Arocha. Her first meeting with the famous publicist is not only bumpy but full of passion... so much so that they star in a scandalous kiss that is published on the newspaper's social page.

A kiss that raises the fury of Ketty León, the publicist's girlfriend and his agency's main client, and who promises to make Isabel regret having crossed into her lives. And she doesn't find a better opportunity than to deliberately intervene in an advertising campaign where Isabel and her family act as protagonists. What Isabel thought would be a way of recognizing her family's work, through the campaign carried out by Diego Arocha's agency, turns out to be a strategy by Ketty that ends with the image of the Vargas family, with its photo studio, with his house, with his father's health and with what he once felt for Diego Arocha.

Now her objectives are different: to end that publicist who made fun of her, to end her image, her company and her life, and for this she is willing to do anything; even to deliberately make him fall in love to see him suffer for her. It is not for nothing that “Isabel watched me over” is A Highly Sensitive Roll because behind this love story there is a hard social ascent, a painful generational change and a constant struggle to recognize true love.

Technical File

Direction: Toni Navia.

Scripts: Nubia Barreto and Gilma Peña.

Executive Producer: Consuelo Santamaría.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 244 X 60

Production year: 2001

Produced by: RCN Televisión.