Juan Ventura was a boy who, until he was 8 years old, believed that paradise was in the La Herradura hacienda. There he grew up happy with his parents, humble farm laborers, with Tomas and Lucrecia Caballero; the grandchildren of Helena, the owner.

Lucrecia was his first love. Reciprocated love, moreover, because at the age of 8 class differences are not an obstacle, but from one moment to the next paradise collapsed. On the property it is said that there was a treasure and on the treasure a curse. The day that Helena Caballero discovered Juan's father digging in the hacienda in search of the treasure, misfortune fell on the two families, in confusing facts, Juan Ventura's father was murdered and Tomas Caballero, Lucrecia's brother disappeared.

Twenty years pass before Juan returns to La Herradura to avenge the murder of his father. After confirming that Tomas is still missing, he decides to take his place. Only then would the doors of the hacienda and the hearts of the Knights be opened to him. However, his intentions to do justice will find an obstacle, the heart of a woman. A few days before putting her plan against the Caballeros into action, Juan meets Lucrecia and Lucas again and, as a child, he fell in love with her without knowing that she is the sister of the man he has come to replace.

The deceit and the lie that until then seemed so easy, become a nightmare, Juan, now, turned into Tomás, will have to choose between continuing with the farce to achieve his revenge or break his heart and recover the woman he loves.

Technical File

Direction: Rodrigo Triana.

Librettos: Magda Quintero.

Executive Producer: Nelly Ordoñez.

Genre: Telenovela- Drama.

Duration: 240 X 30.

Production year: 2001

Produced by: Televideo S.A. y RCN Televisión

Distribution: Televideo S.A.