The year is 2002. In the city of Bogotá, a match will be played between Millonarios and Nacional, traditional Colombian soccer contenders. During the fight between both sides, Alexandra, a fan of Millonarios with whom Milton dates, meets Albeiro, the head of the Nacional gang, and it is love at first sight for our protagonists. Albeiro's girlfriend notices her growing attraction between her boyfriend and Alexandra, takes advantage of her to hurt her. When the police arrive to break up the fight, both gangs flee and Alexandra is left injured on the ground. Albeiro, who is passing by, sees her and helps her despite the fact that her fellow gang members have warned him that she belongs to the other gang. Alexandra is scared but discovers that Albeiro is a young, handsome and helpful gentleman who respectfully comes to her aid on her behalf. This is where Cupid comes in and does his job.

Alexandra and Albeiro fall in love and at that moment an ordeal begins that will take them down a thorny path before they come to accept that impossible love. Our telenovela revolves around three main themes. Our protagonists are impossible love, the desire of a group of children from a soccer school to become professional soccer players, and the inner world of the cheerleaders of professional teams that of course brings together the cheerleaders of the capital's teams: Millionaires and Santa Fe. By chance of life, these young people finally understand that soccer is a great party, that love and professionalism are above their interests and that it is not worth dying for a flag when life is above of everything.

Technical File

Direction: Armando Barbosa and Alfredo Tapan

Scripts: Gustavo Bolívar Moreno

Executive Producer: Amparo López G.

Genre: Young telenovela.

Duration: 183 X 60"

Production year: 2005

Producido por: FoxTelecolombia para RCN Televisión

Distribución: TIS Productions.