Juegos Prohibidos tells the story of Nacho, a young fan of computer games and the Internet, who after losing a great opportunity to study and become a great video game designer decides to be part of a bet that leads him to catch up on sleep. to achieve your goal. The bet is arranged with his friend and occasional lover, Luisa, who imposes the conditions.

Nacho will have to seduce a woman ten years older than him, through the Internet, and prove to Luisa that she will be able to take her to her bed in less than ten days. The “victim” turns out to be Jimena Guerrero, a woman psychologically abused by her husband, trapped in a life that nullifies her as a person and self-conscious about her partner for not being able to conceive her child for him. At first, the contacts between Nacho and Jimena are sporadic but over time, the relationships through Chat end up being hot. To such an extent that Nacho and Jimena (who by their own decision have never shown their faces to each other) decide to meet in person in Cartagena, to live in reality everything they have experienced in cyberspace.

Unable to contain it, they live the most passionate days of their lives, to the point that love ends up catching them. However, Luisa's jealousy ends up fabricating a deception that ends up separating them, without Nacho knowing that the woman he ended up falling in love with is expecting his child. Jimena, feeling that Nacho betrayed her, hides from Gustavo, her husband, the true paternity of her son. But since nothing is written in destiny, Nacho and Jimena meet again after a year and a half. Together they will lead to the most passionate infidelity and the purest love, without realizing that their actions will lead them to the brink of danger.

Technical File

Direction: Juan Pablo Posada and Herney Luna

Scripts: Ana María Londoño and Andrés Salgado

Executive Producer: Leonardo Barón

Genre: Telenovela

Duration: 121 X 60"

Production year: 2005

Produced by: Teleset for RCN Televisión

Distribuction: Sony Pictures.