No one will forget the day when the caravan of the Blacksmiths appeared on the mountain. It was the year 1899 and under a radiant sun, the sweaty horses and the arrogant voices of the Herreros family broke the silence forever.

Don Efraín Herreros, the patriarch of the house, led the caravan in the company of his brothers Mariano and Juan. His wife Florentina, his sister-in-law Carlota and his sons Enrique and Efrén followed them.

The journey reached its destination, when the Blacksmiths arrived at a valley where nature spilled its riches and lavished itself on fertile lands and mighty rivers, but the place already had owners: the humble old man Lucas Jiménez and his two grandchildren.

It was there, however, where the dream of Efraín Herreros began to come true, he had found the piece of land where he would found the town of his inheritance: Balandu.

As the months go by, irrepressible passions burst into the heart of the Herreros family: the children rebel against the dictatorial mandates of the patriarch; the younger brother, Juan, leaves the family home confronting Efraín, his older brother joins the Jiménez in search of fortune that allows her to make a promise of love.

While Balandu prospers with giant strides, the Jiménez's are slowly being stripped of their land rights. Enrique Herreros, full of ideals of justice and freedom, enlists to fight the war of a thousand days, without paying attention to the plans that his father had drawn up for him.

Technical File

Direction: Kepa Amuchastegui.

Scripts: Martha Bossio De Martínez.

Executive Production: Amparo Gómez.

Genre: Telenovela - Drama.

Length: 65 x 60'.

Produced by: RCN Televisión.