Sofía and Antonio are completely dissimilar, however fate strives to unite them in different situations and places when they both come to live in the Caribbean city of Santa Marta, she as the owner of a restaurant and he as a top executive of a multinational. Sofía, middle-class, hotel manager born in the coastal city of Barranquilla, and with all the characteristics of her culture: scandalous, partying, uncomplicated, frontier, with an excellent sense of humor and a lover of Vallenato.

He, from the upper class, born in cold Bogota, an oil engineer, strict, programmed, silent, introverted, self-corrected and a lover of classical music. Their encounters, or better disagreements, begin the night that the Cachaco, as the people in the interior of the country are called, is tormented by the loud music coming from the apartment of his neighbor, a Costeña to whom he hardly cares. It matters that he is trying to adjust to his new life.

What begins as a simple discussion between neighbors later becomes almost a habit, since in a small city it is impossible not to find yourself in the supermarket, in the restaurant, in the cinema or on the beach... and in the office? But this love story seems to not only involve two, but four, since both Antonio and Sofía have something to do with someone, he with a woman with whom he is very similar in his way of life and tastes, and she with a fellow countryman. , macho and very, very, very jealous who does not intend to let himself be taken away from "his wife" by a rude cachaco.

Technical File

Direction: Alberto Restrepo.

Scripts: Mónica Agudelo, Mauricio Miranda and Lina Uribe.

Executive Production: Eunice Gómez Manrique.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 140 X 60.

Production year: 2003

Produced by: RCN Televisión.