The naive young woman who arrived in Puerto Dorado two years before to marry Humberto, is in the past. Humberto, a humble peasant who made only one mistake: opposing the will of Antonio De La Torre, the largest rancher in the region; billionaire, owner of Hacienda La Dorada, owner and lord of Puerto Dorado. Antonio claimed with blood the offense of Humberto, the only farmer who did not want to sell him his land to build a modern refrigeration plant.

The same night of the wedding, when Patricia and Humberto were going to consummate their marriage, Antonio arrived with his hooded thugs to pressure Humberto to sign the property deeds, and given this negative response, Antonio himself raped Patricia, who could not He could see her face, through her hood, but she did see a jewel in the shape of a chess knight, hanging from her rapist's neck. Then Antonio shot Humberto and Patricia, and ordered his men to throw their bodies into the river. Patricia was rescued by Pierre, the Frenchman who owns a popular riverside bar. He took care of her and saved her with the help of Jacinta. Barely recovered and moved by a desire for revenge, Patricia returned to her land to find out who had committed such an atrocity. With no family and nowhere to go, Patricia is taken under Jacinta's wing on her ranch. Pierre suggests to Patricia that she stay hidden, so the assassins don't see her and she can't finish her work with her. Patricia begins training her to work on the ranch with her new friends, in this way she will become the great cowgirl and horseman she is now.

What Patricia doesn't know is that her destiny has an incredible turn in store for her, the same day she returns to town, to face the situation. In the midst of the rodeo and horse racing competitions, she meets Sebastián, an impetuous and competitive young man, recently arrived from the capital and who has just finished his degree in Economics. The physical attraction is mutual. But at the same time, his hot temper clashes and a competitive relationship with conflicts and challenges begins. Between a reluctant Patricia, fearful of men and of love; and a competitive Sebastián, enchanted by the beauty and warrior drive of that woman, very different from Nena, her fiancée, whom he plans to marry in a few weeks. Neither Patricia nor Sebastián suspect that this new relationship embodies the origin of all their ills and pains, Sebastián being the only and adored son of Antonio De La Torre, Patricia's rapist.

Technical File

Direction: Toni Navia and Lilo Vilaplana

Scripts: Felipe Forero, Alejandro Torres and Guido Jácome

Executive Producer: María De Jesús Arellano and Kepa Amuchastegui

Genre: Telenovela

Duration: 138 X 60”

Production year: 2008

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia para RCN Televisión

Distribution: TIS Productions.