The night that the rancheras singer Rosario Guerrero sees Emiliano at the doors of the Plaza Garibaldi bar, with that air of fragility and with traces of having been mugged, she decides to help him without knowing that he is a wealthy young Mexican who has arrived in Bogotá fleeing of justice for a crime he did not commit. The friendship that arises between them will completely transform their lives. He incredulously receives Rosario's disinterested solidarity, a rare feeling in the world of wealth where her life has passed.

Thanks to her, he manages to survive as a singer in the Plaza Garibaldi bar, while eluding the zealous pursuit of INTERPOL and the police in Colombia and Mexico. But, above all, he discovers through his world, the widespread influence of Mexican culture in Colombia, and finds in Rosario the great love of her life. She also knows love thanks to Emiliano. With him the loose pieces of what her life has been begin to fit into her mind and her soul. The happiest moments, and also the most painful in Rosario's life, are related to the memory of her father. A bohemian and passionate ranchera singer, an endearing man who risked his life and filled his family with sadness, because nights of work, liquor and women won him over.

In this desperate effort to erase the memory of a turbulent childhood, Rosario fights to become a Business Administrator. Despite her sadness, the image of her father is linked to her joy and passion, which is why she keeps her mariachi outfit as a relic. A dress without an owner, a pain that only fades when Rosario, unintentionally, falls in love with Emiliano and lends him that suit so that he can sing at the Plaza Garibaldi bar. Emiliano Sánchez Gallardo, a member of one of the most powerful families in Mexico, never imagined that he would end up becoming the singer of a medium-class Mexican music bar in the Colombian capital. He believed that his legal situation in Mexico would be cleared up in a few weeks, and for this reason he never told Rosario the truth. But the mess is really serious: they are blaming him for a gigantic dollar laundering operation, engineered by his associates.

To the uncertainty of trying to be someone else and the anguish caused by the collapse of his family and his life, he has to add the little control he has over his own feelings, enduring the fierce opposition of his rivals, and the traps that They tend to women interested in his love and in separating him from Rosario. So the permanent struggle of this couple will be to show that when you really love each other, no obstacle is insurmountable.

Technical File

Direction: Diego León Hoyos.

Scripts: Mauricio Miranda, Felipe Agudelo y Mónica Agudelo.

Executive production: Alessandro Basile.

Genre: Music drama.

Duration: 147 X 60.

Production year: 2006

Produced by: RCN Studios.