Soledad Burgos was born in the midst of adversity. At an early age she completely lost her vision. Her disability accidentally leads to the death of her older brother and the undaunted hatred of a mother with a secret. Life deprived Soledad of her main meaning, but in return she gave her a gift: she sings with the perfection that only the great singers of the world can do. But her gift is brutally repressed, hidden and emphatically denied by Delfina, her bitter and ambitious mother who does not forgive her for the death of her true son.

Soledad grows up and becomes a beautiful woman whom everyone recognizes as an artist despite Delfina's constant and brutal denials. The love and recognition of Vicente will try to redeem Soledad. Vicente belongs to a wealthy family and he himself has a large personal fortune, represented in land and cattle. But the boy's passion is a small radio station founded by his aunt, the beautiful and rebellious Faride Chadid, whom Vicente adores and supports unrestrictedly. But Vicente's wealth disgracefully attracts a part of his own bankrupt family. The young man falls into a trap: Amira Rebeca, Vicente's cousin sister, driven by her mother, seduces Vicente and lends herself to the creation of a hoax that traps and changes the course of Vicente's life. This accidental delivery occurred after a night of fandango, is used by Amira Rebeca's family to try to "hunt" Vicente at all costs. A family war breaks out.

Injustice activates the forces of destiny and, contrary to expectations, such pressure leads Vicente to the arms of Soledad and to find true love. But that love is realized in adverse circumstances for both: Vicente has just suffered a treacherous accident and Soledad has been taken away from her people and her town because of a singing contest in which the girl participates against all odds. Soledad and Vicente's immediate crush A short time later, Delfina discovers that her daughter is pregnant and, to avoid ridicule, confines her to a convent where single mothers are welcomed with the aim of giving up their children for adoption. Delfina agrees that Soledad's son should be given away. Without informing anyone of anything, Soledad's beautiful girl is sold to Amira Rebeca. Amira, of course, doesn't know that this girl is from Soledad.

Technical File

Direction: Jorge Ali Triana, Felipe Aguilar.

Scripts: Gerardo Pinzón, Claudia Rojas.

Executive Production: Juan Diego Villegas.

Genre: Musical Drama.

Duration: 100 X 60

Production year: 2015

Produced by: Dramax to RCN Studios.