It is the story of an impossible love between two brothers. A story that speaks of a new concept of family, of solitudes that meet. Of the redemption of a father.

The day Reynaldo Santibáñez married Digna, the woman he loved, became the worst day in his life. That day, he and his offspring were condemned forever to unhappiness, because of a curse: “His blood from him will be marked by desire. For every moment of joy that desire brings, there will be intense pain!”… Or at least this is the legend that has been woven around the Santibáñez family in Pueblo Escondido for almost 30 years. And like any legend, this one also seems to have some truth in it, since the Santibáñezes are not a happy marriage, despite having everything: money, power and a wonderful son named Luis Eduardo. However, unhappiness will not be the biggest problem for this family, when one by one the five illegitimate daughters of Reynaldo Santibáñez begin to arrive unexpectedly, to shake Pueblo Escondido to its foundations. They did not know each other. But they had something in common: a heart-shaped mark where the back ends, a mark they inherited from his father Reynaldo Santibáñez, a former marine who, due to the loneliness his wife had left him in, sought passion in other arms.

Technical File

Direction: Rodrigo Triana

Scripts: Silvia Ayala.

Executive Production: Magdalena La Rotta.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 123 x 60

Production year: 2006

Produced by: RCN Studios.