The prestigious Roldán family is surprised by the arrival of a strange stranger, introduced by Sara, the family's grandmother, as the granddaughter she has rescued from a marginal neighborhood. She is about the supposed daughter of Sergio, her youngest son, murdered ten years ago in strange circumstances that remain unresolved. Luisa Mayorga is the beautiful young woman who will become part of this jealous and hypocritical family nucleus, which in the vast majority of her is opposed to accepting her, causing instability and confrontation among all her members.

As the days go by, it begins to be glimpsed that the supposed granddaughter is not as harmless or weak as she appears, because behind her is a dangerous group led by a sinister character who seeks destruction and revenge against the Roldán family. For all who know her, Luisa Mayorga will not go unnoticed, and in the end they will understand why she has been her chosen granddaughter.

Technical File

Direction: Rodrigo Lalinde and Consuelo González

Original Idea: Julio Jiménez and Iván Martínez

Librettos: Pedro Miguel Rozo

Executive Producer: Nana Velásquez

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Duration: 81x60

Production year: 2021

Produced By: Estudios RCN