The action takes place in the present day in an imaginary town called Puerto Adentro, where Melquisedec Ahumada lives with his children Soledad, Dámaso and Magdalena. Melquisedec is the richest man in the place and has raised his eldest daughter Soledad as if he were the man he wanted as his firstborn. Soledad, who at the beginning of the story is 25 years old, without ceasing to be a woman, despises men because she considers everyone inferior to her.

On the other hand, Daniel Clemente has won a neighboring hacienda to Melquisedec Ahumada's by gambling and is traveling to Puerto Adentro. Since his arrival, he has become fascinated with Soledad, whom he wants to make his wife at all costs. On the night that Daniel Clemente wins the hacienda at the game, he begins a relationship with Victoria, the owner of the apartment where he was gambling, a relationship that definitely marks Victoria, who cannot do without Daniel's love.

When Daniel arrives in Puerto Adentro he causes a great stir among all the beautiful women of the place; Elda, who is a liberated girl and who has been the lover of three men before meeting Daniel; Magdalena, Soledad's sister, Soledad and Victoria herself, who has come there to marry Melquisedec.

Thus, Daniel's life is a constant struggle to achieve the wealth of Soledad's father, to win her love and to defend himself from the jealousy of Melquisedec Ahumada who does not want to lose her place as the most important man in the region. . Daniel finds himself besieged by four different women, each one loving him in his own way; Loneliness, haughty-proud love; Magdalena, romantic love to the point of madness; Victoria the lustful and obsessive love and Elda, the love of sex, for sex and for sex.

When finally and after many adventures, Daniel has obtained everything, wealth, power and especially Soledad, Victoria's desire for revenge, who feels despised by Daniel, manages to collapse the entire paradise that Daniel had made and he has to return to start again. The ending is puzzling, surprising and unexpected.

Technical File

Direction: Julio Cesar Luna.

Scripts: Bernardo Romero Pereira.

Executive Producer: Liuba Hleap.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 247 X 60.

Production year: 1993

Produced by: RCN Televisión.