It all begins more than twenty years ago, when María Herrera, a low-income young woman, falls deeply in love with Eduardo Sanint, a man of good financial position, married and heir to a real estate business. A deep and intense love arises between María and Eduardo, but this feeling is not enough for him to decide to leave her family and stay with her. María's heart cannot resist this frustration: little Renata, María's daughter with a previous partner, will have to go through the horror of finding her lifeless in her house.

Two decades later, Renata Medina herself, now transformed into a beautiful, determined and sensual woman, intends to put an end to so many years of pain and maternal absence: she will do justice using her beauty and her cunning as weapons. With a little of both, she manages to work for Eduardo, the man who brought her mother so much sadness. And, from then on, she will set out to advance a revenge plan to pay him back with the same coin.

Renata was raised by Gracia, her grandmother, in hatred and resentment. Both are convinced that Eduardo abandoned María knowing that she was pregnant by him. This alleged abandonment only increases Renata's hatred for Eduardo. But the young woman does not have an obstacle that could ruin her mission: on her first day at Sanint Constructores she will meet Esteban, the love of her life, neither more nor less than Eduardo's son, the being she loved. she hates so much

Technical File

Direction: Lilo Vilaplana.

Scripts: Ángela Cadavid.

Executive Production: Óscar Guarín.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 173 X 60

Production year: 2011

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia to RCN Studios.