The exciting adventure of Diana Martín in the company of her husband "Capi" Montes and their two children turns into a nightmare when the beautiful former flight attendant discovers that her husband has taken her to the jungle fleeing from the authorities' siege. She who had a delicious life, who believed to be a woman awarded by destiny, suddenly finds herself in the middle of a relentless persecution by land and air because her husband is internationally designated as extraditable and the authorities are looking for him to face related charges. with drug trafficking. But he is not going to let himself be taken out of the country alive.

Overnight and without knowing how, Diana Martín has become The Widow of the Mafia. A terrified woman who can't even land on the idea that "El Capi" was being wanted for being a key pilot at the service of the mafia. A woman whom the authorities point to as the axis of an entire mafia organization, behind whom an enormous fortune is hidden. At least that's what Camilo Pulido, the best detective in the Judicial Police Division, DPJ, thinks, who loses his partner and brother-in-law in the jungle. Camilo Pulido has every possible reason for wanting to collect from the widow. And it is that Camilo knows Diana Martín like no one else. He has spent months studying her from afar, identifying her routines, her gestures, her movements and her bank accounts. There is no doubt that she is the typical mafia woman: she is young, pretty, accommodating, rich, has a good life, with very few scruples and no debts to the law.

Technical File

Direction: Sergio Osorio.

Scripts: Gilma Peña.

Executive Producer: Myriam Gómez.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 142 X 60.

Production year: 2004

Produced by: RCN Studios.