The experienced detective Víctor García, has managed with a lot of effort to have the life he always wanted... The job that he is passionate about and a beautiful home next to the beautiful Chabela, the love of his life.

However, his happiness lasts until the day he falls into the trap of a powerful mobster whom he has been investigating for years, "the player". The scandal caused by some compromising photos with detective Jenny Rico leads to his sudden dismissal.

Motivated by his enterprising wife, and trying to prevent her from finding out the real reason for his departure from S-2, Víctor decides to accede to Chabela's whim of becoming independent and setting up a family business in the only way he knows how to do in the life: be a detective. This is how, shortly after, Víctor and Chabela set up GARCÍA'S DETECTIVES, a small agency dedicated to investigating all kinds of cases.

The experienced detective teaches her the secrets of the detective trade, unaware that she, an advanced student, uses the knowledge acquired from her to discover the alleged infidelity of her husband. The disappointed Chabela decides to end her marriage, however, the nascent family industry forces them to work together to raise her little daughter, Stefany. From this moment on, Víctor will fight to recover his beloved Chabela and she, for her part, will debate between becoming a modern woman and forgetting him or surrendering to the love she feels for him and forgiving him.

Technical File

Direction: Ricardo Gonzáles.

Scripts: Juan Manuel Cáceres Niño.

Executive Production: Cesar Rincón.

Genre: Dramedy.

Duration: 140 X 60.

Production year: 2009

Produced by: RCN Studios.